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If you live in a rural area where access to municipal water is limited or unavailable, you likely rely on a private well for drinking water. Sure, wells can be a cheap and reliable water source, saving you money on your water bill each month and helping you avoid those pesky service disruptions common among municipal systems. But because the EPA doesn’t regulate private wells, they are more susceptible to many contamination problems than municipal water.

Without proper filtration and purification, it’s easier for dangerous contaminants potentially lurking in well water to enter your home and wreak havoc on your health, plumbing, and appliances. The good news is that a well water filtration system can eliminate pollutants and impurities in your well water, if any, producing clean and safe drinking water for your entire household.

Common Well Water Contamination Problems

Well water often falls victim to a myriad of contamination problems, including:

  • High iron content: Iron minerals in well water can turn rust and stain plumbing fixtures, laundry, and hair. If you notice that your hair is always dry and frizzy and looks orange, iron may be the culprit.
  • Water hardness: Depending on where you live, your well water may contain high magnesium and calcium concentrations (and sometimes iron), contributing to hard water. Hard water can create chaos in your household, from leaving nasty stains on plumbing fixtures and kitchenware to damaging water-using appliances, like water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • Bacterial contamination: Since well water comes from underground, it carries a high risk of bacterial contamination due to nearby sewage discharges, feces from people and animals, and other fecal matter seeping into underground aquifers that serve wells, possibly introducing harmful viruses, bacteria, and other microbes into your water. And as you probably know, some microbes can cause your water to smell horrid. Some can even diseases and severe illnesses.
  • Sulfur: Sulfur is sometimes responsible for the nasty rotten egg smell familiar in well water.
  • Pesticides: Pesticides and other toxic agricultural chemicals can seep through the soil into underground aquifers, potentially causing a host of chronic health problems once you ingest them.
  • PFAS: PFAS chemicals can enter underground aquifers through AFFF firefighting foams, industrial discharge, etc. These chemicals are highly toxic and are said to cause cancer.

Luckily, with a reliable well water filtration system in your home, you don’t have to worry about these contamination issues. Generally, well water filter systems are designed specifically to tackle these and similar water problems, but you’ll find that some well water filtration systems only remove specific contaminants. For this reason, we recommend one of our well water filter system combos that targets and eliminates a broader scope of water pollutants and impurities.

But do I even need a well water filter system?

The best way to determine if you need a well water filter system is to test the water flowing out of your faucet. You can visually inspect it to observe any signs of pollution, like cloudiness, brown or orange color, or tiny particles, but it’s better to test it with a well water testing kit. We don’t recommend visual inspection because your well water could look pristine but still contains toxic contaminants that you can’t see with your naked eye. However, a well water test kit can detect a wide range of pollutants in water – even the ones you cannot see. You can also send a water sample of your drinking water to a local state-certified water testing lab for a more comprehensive examination and report.

Choose the Best Well Water Filter System for Your Home

Springwell offers a unique selection of well water filtration systems to fit the specific needs of your home. To help determine the best well water filter system for your home, start by testing your well water and considering the filtration level you’ll need to reduce pollutants in your water. Our WS1 Whole-House Iron Filter offers superior well water filtration, but our powerful combo upgrades tackle even more contamination problems.

Furthermore, all our well water filtration systems come with a lifetime warranty on all parts, a six-month money-back guarantee, free shipping, over 50 percent in factory-direct savings, and many more. Plus, when you purchase a unit directly from us, you get access to an affordable financing option. That way, you can enjoy fresh, clean water in your entire home even if you can’t purchase the system upfront.

If you need help finding the best well water filter for your home or have questions about well water filtration, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts at 800-589-5592 or send us a message.

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